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Intro to Football

Rules of Football There is no doubt that having some basic understanding of the rules of football, well any game actually, helps you to enjoy it more. There are four ways that you can learn about American NFL. Get a friend to take you to the Preferably to a game in which he supports neither… Read More »

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Our Recommended Football Strength Training

Unique Skills Every sport has its own unique skills and with those skills comes the use of different sets of muscles. For example, a soccer player (European Football) needs good leg strength and aerobic capacity. He doesn’t need strong arms or upper body. A rugby player needs strong legs, arms,  upper body and a thick… Read More »

Water as a great health and social benefit for athletes

On more than one occasion, since this website was originally launched, the emphasis has always been placed on the social aspects and drives of sporting clubs such as the WebHogs Razorback Club. It has also been driven home to readers that there is always an ongoing need to raise funds for needy students and promising… Read More »

Sporting Weekend

Our local Webhogs club arranged a sporting weekend. It was a sort of a family weekend during which mums and dads and their kids could compete in some games against other families. It was a little competitive but was arranged more as a way for families that were members of the local Webhogs to get… Read More »

Buying the right football shoes

The importance of football shoes is something that cannot be ignored easily. The constantly changing styles and technological breakthroughs have made them more than just a necessity.  Instead of the old lace up version, you can see football shoes in all shapes, colors, and innovations now. So it is perfectly understandable, if you are overwhelmed… Read More »

Foot Care Tips for Every Athlete

Maintaining healthy feet and toenails is one of the concerns of many athletes. Runner’s nail or runner’s toe is one of the few concerns that most athletes face. This condition results from the repetitive pressure on the toenails, causing internal bleeding beneath the nail. The pooling of blood underneath the nail results in discoloration of… Read More »

How Often Do Football Players Train and Practice?

Football is a sport that requires explosiveness, agility, strength, speed and endurance, among others. And to achieve these qualities, players spend a tremendous amount of time in workout, practice and training. Football players have some of the most intense workout regimes that target all their muscle groups. Oftentimes, workout does not end at the gym.… Read More »

Football Movies That Made It Big In The Box Office

Rarely do we see good films about football, but occasionally some gets the nod of moviegoers. Here are some of the most lucrative movies in the football genre that you might have watched as well. The Blind Side Topping this list of box-office movies is a Sandra Bullock-starrer, the Blind Side where she also bagged… Read More »

Physical activity after retirement

It is more important than ever to consider physical fitness and exercises, if you are over 60 years. Since the past few decades have practically reduced physical activity to zero levels, with everything available with a click or touch of a button, the sedentary lifestyle has led to a host of illnesses of varying intensity.… Read More »

Men’s and Women’s Football: A comparison

Many foot ballers think that women’s football is entirely different from men’s football. But experts don’t agree on this classification. There are definitely more similarities when compared to differences in the two game forms. And as the game shifts to the elite level, the differences taper to insignificant levels especially in the players’ attitude. As… Read More »

Life Lessons You Learn From Playing Golf

Football and golf are two sports that are widely apart. One is a rigorously physical while the other is mentally draining. Although they may be two contrasting sports, there are a lot of things a footballer can learn from playing golf. Many of these lessons do not only apply in football but in life as… Read More »