Intro to Football

rulesRules of Football

There is no doubt that having some basic understanding of the rules of football, well any game actually, helps you to enjoy it more. There are four ways that you can learn about American NFL.

  1. Get a friend to take you to the Preferably to a game in which he supports neither of the two teams that are playing. Otherwise, his excitement will override his clarity of explanation.
  2. Tune in on your TV and watch a game. This is a total waste of time because the technical and idiomatic terms used by the commentators are utterly confusing as are the endless statistics about yards, downs and penalties flashing across the screen.
  3. Get a group of friends together at a local pub or club and have them tell you how it all unfolds over a few beers. Not recommended for the learning of NFL but great as a social experiment.
  4. Read about it here on the internet or from a book.

This is an attempt to explain the game as simply as possible in as few words as possible. The only way that can be done is if we do away with an explanation of sneaky tactics and set plays used by teams to baffle the opposition. Let’s give it a try. Read more

Our Recommended Football Strength Training

teamUnique Skills

Every sport has its own unique skills and with those skills comes the use of different sets of muscles. For example, a soccer player (European Football) needs good leg strength and aerobic capacity. He doesn’t need strong arms or upper body. A rugby player needs strong legs, arms,  upper body and a thick skull might help too. An American footballer needs strength in arms, legs and upper body but not a high aerobic capacity. Let’s take a look at training techniques that an NFL footballer needs to be successful in his career.

Footballers are professional sportsmen and their job is all year round with holiday periods like the rest of the workforce. They get paid megabucks and for that they need to stay in shape off-season as well as during the season. Playing up too much in the lay off month can cost a player plenty in time and effort to get back in shape, so there is specific training for that period as well.

Football Strength Training

The consideration of football strength training is that if you play in the offensive team as a receiver, then you will need a different set of strength building work to that of a quarterback, or a punter. If you are a defensive blocker, you need leg strength, arm strength and upper body strength to be effective stopping your opposition. What all players seem to need is explosive power. Read more

Football Strategy Basics


Game of Football

The primary strategy of a game of football or any competitive game is to score more points than the opponent. That’s as basic as it gets but getting to that point is the job of not only the players but the result of strategies worked out by the coach and his team of experts.

Extraordinary time is spent in modern football watching videos of your opponents playing games. You need to work out a way to beat the enemy and any weakness you spot in their game plan can be capitalised on with a strategy that you can surprise them with. There are so many moves on a football field that even commentators sometimes get a bit confused about what is going on.

Simplest Plans

Even the simplest plans need practice with the players being able to perfect the moves. But like most plans, they don’t always work because the opposition hasn’t done what they were expected to do or a characteristic of the game has changed during play. So you need the ‘B’ plan and the ‘C’ plan just in case.

In American football, it’s up to the quarterback to call the play using whatever system they practised at training. It’s then up to the players to be able to execute the plan with enough skill to make it successful. Read more

Things you could be doing while you’re not playing football

Let us be slightly crude for once and give you a kick up the backside. It’s a wake-up call and a call to action to make just a small contribution to help improve the value of your life and your preparedness for a successful college career and, who knows, a pro football career after you’ve deservedly received your degree. It is also a reminder that, unless you plan to go into coaching full-time or other professional associations in and around NFL, including commentating, you still need to prepare yourself well for life after you’ve hung up your cleats for good.

Take your pick of great extra-mural programs

Perhaps you are one of those who haven’t benefited from the privilege but some of the country’s best high schools prepare their young sportsmen more than adequately with great extra-mural programs not related to sport. Whether studying towards a career or becoming a professional footballer, you still need to equip yourself with advanced life-orientation skills to help you cope and deliver on your capabilities as a true all-American.

It is no use sitting around twiddling your thumbs or playing video games, waiting until the next season starts. There are so many things you could and should be doing with your life outside of your admired enthusiasm for American football. Being involved, active and committed also helps strengthen your college admissions applications, whether or not you succeed in gaining a sports scholarship.

You need to be reminded that your successful application is determined and influenced by matters beyond the football pitch. Now, imagine our pleasant surprise when we discovered LED grow lights at . Why were we surprised? For one thing, we had grown too familiar with many other commercial sites on LED lighting equipment for automobiles, trucks and fixed property, commercial or domestic.

 Develop your life sustainably

Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that we would come across information on tools and equipment that makes a valuable contribution towards sustainable (personal and material) development and greening our local environment. This led us to believe that we should suggest the organic life and cultivating your own plants and vegetable gardens to you as a productive way to enhance your life and educate yourself (with or without the textbooks) way beyond the football pitch.

Who knows, this may stimulate you to take an interest in professional landscaping or even as a noble custodian of one of the iconic NFL stadiums dotted across each and every State of America.

PLANTOZOID is one of the many ideal review, self-help and how-to guides on the internet to help you, as a young, ambitious amateur football player, wanting to gain a successful football bursary and entry into one of the many famous US Colleges that have won numerous Rose Bowls over the years.

Of course, and by now you get the point of our motivation to you, there are hundreds of other ways and means you could drive yourself to succeed in life and even as a successful college football team member.

Physical activity after retirement

It is more important than ever to consider physical fitness and exercises, if you are over 60 years. Since the past few decades have practically reduced physical activity to zero levels, with everything available with a click or touch of a button, the sedentary lifestyle has led to a host of illnesses of varying intensity.

Of the various activities recommended after retirement hiking, walking and running are popular as they are the least expensive. Gym sessions too are popular. Other than these, exercise classes done in groups help to meet the need for connecting socially, while keeping the body fit.

While the usual exercise routines are followed by some, many show an inclination towards all kinds of sports activities including taking part in senior league tennis, basketball, baseball etc. And at the same time, the much laid back and conventional golf is still as popular. And activities such as gardening too find takers, as gardening has several mental and physical health benefits, With new LED assisted grow systems such as those at used for growing plants indoors, senior citizens are finding it easier to indulge in their favorite pastime.

Another favorite pastime, which seniors love to do, other than participating in sports, is, being an onlooker both on television and in person. Though this does not contribute much to their fitness, team loyalty, which they had cultivated during their entire life, makes them passionate about being part of the spectators and cheering on their team.

After retirement, seniors should do a thorough research on the various sport and exercise related activities present in the local recreation centers, community parks, senior centers and the private companies.

Experimenting with different things and a willingness to adapt keep seniors engaged and free from boredom. Since such activities are prone to injuries, it is safer to indulge in activities that are less demanding physically like gardening. Easy and effective growing mediums LED lights such as those at this source and grow tents, help in making gardening, a pleasurable and fitness favoring activity.

Whatever hobby or fitness regimen is chosen care should be taken to ensure strength and stamina is maintained. And some seniors are not as worried about pushing limits as they willingly take up physically demanding and adventurous sports such as they willingly take up physically demanding and adventurous sports such as mountain climbing, skiing and rafting down rapids.

Camping is another activity that both young and old enjoy. It is the best way to be surrounded by nature. Nowadays the conventional canvas tents are being replaced by motor homes, which are very expensive. Whatever accommodation type used, camping is enjoyed by many retirees.

Some of the favored sports and fitness activities enjoyed in retirement include fishing, hunting, bowling, hiking, running, walking, RV camping, tennis, yoga, weight training, swimming, dancing, aerobics, croquet, pickle ball, shuffleboard and bocce ball.

Since after retirement seniors find themselves with plenty of time to do the tasks that they had earlier rushed to complete they find enjoyment even in routine tasks they do. Reading, relaxing, sleeping without a wakeup alarm, watching TV, shopping, and other such tasks, take up most of their time, as a result. Planning the activities in a way that they can be done along with the routine tasks will help in maintaining fitness levels.

Proper Tackling Technique and Preventing Concussions in Youth Football

Proper Tackling Technique and Preventing Concussions in Youth Football

The Will Smith-starrer Concussion has made the head injury one of the latest hot topic in the world of football. While there are a lot of children who dream of being part of this phenomenal sport, a lot of parents are worried about its potential impact on their children’s health, especially their brain and mental health.

However, this controversial health concern can actually be minimized and prevented if the sport is taught properly. It is up to the leagues and coaches to ensure that kids are safe while playing this sport. While there are still some “old school” coaches that teach their players to be “tough” and resort in potentially harmful contract drills and other trainings, there are now new coaching instructions and techniques that are designed for young footballers. These coaching and training techniques are advocated to prevent concussion and keep the sport safe.

According to studies, many of the confirmed cases of concussion actually happen during practice. This means that “old school” coaches, who are bent at nothing but winning, are doing something detrimental to their players. It seems that they are pushing them too hard, putting these young players on long hours of training, banging them to make them tougher – but these entire training regimen actually do harm. Aside from using safety gears, one of the best ways to ensure that these young footballers are kept safe from head injury is to teach them proper tackling technique. This must be coupled with a safe training and coaching program.

It is vital that teams have a head coach that understands proper tackling technique and a well-educated coaching staff. Moreover, it is not necessary to do live tackling sessions for long hours every single practice. The kids must be taught tackling in gradual progression: practice them tackling techniques on air, then with dummies and then with a few sessions of live contact. The use of tackling dummies, of course these are not like the grappling dummies reviewed at, in trainings can help minimize the chances of contact and collision. The level or difficulty of training must also be adapted to the age and capability of the players. You certainly don’t have to subject kids to too much physical exertion. Remember that their young bodies are not as tough as the professional players.

It is also vital that the coaches carefully study the match ups even in practices. The athletes must be paired properly so that they do not tackle on a more superior teammate.

Some coaches would shuffle on players on tackling drills, pairing a weaker player with a stronger one but this can only lead to the kids getting hurt in the end. Further, it is also recommended that coaches eliminate drills that have the young footballers line up over five yards away and run full speed into a collision against each other. These types of drills increase the possibility of concussion.

The issue of concussion in football is a welcome development as it highlights the need to ensure a safer and better sport condition for our athletes, most especially the young ones. Now that this major issue has been brought up, it is up to the leagues and coaches to ensure the safety of the players under their watch.

Water as a great health and social benefit for athletes

Water as a great health and social benefit for athletesOn more than one occasion, since this website was originally launched, the emphasis has always been placed on the social aspects and drives of sporting clubs such as the WebHogs Razorback Club. It has also been driven home to readers that there is always an ongoing need to raise funds for needy students and promising athletes. Since the website was launched, much has been done and much has also been achieved. One of the most pleasurable activities of this site’s writers, all part of a team effort, is to keep the public, particularly the athletes and football players, in the loop on how they can improve their health and take care of their physical and mental conditioning before, during and after a game.

Athletic privileges and success begin with those who care

By now, institutions such as the University of Arizona already has its near-Olympic sized swimming pools fully equipped with state of the art features such as a proper pool heater, possibly sourced from solar power by now, and LED lighting. None of these athletic privileges would have been possible without the aid of aggressive and passionate funding initiatives from folks from all walks of life. Athletic success among the Arizonian students and their interstate peers would also not have been possible without professionally-minded coaching and solid advice from experts of sports medicine.

One technique which is widely used by football pros and college players is that of water training. Following on from an earlier post on keeping the athlete’s feet healthy, the pool exercises take all pressure off the feet and knees. In the pool, training can be intensified to boost performance levels without any physical harm to the athlete’s body. And while these exercises are certainly and deliberately intense, all extreme mental and physical exertions are saved for the football pitch.

Water is the great leveler, and cooler

The swimming pool, provided that it is under the proper custodianship of those who know how to use it responsibly, can and should also be used for recreational purposes, whether for just relaxing and cooling off or for social gatherings. In fact, the WebHogs Razorback Club have made great use of water to get the most out of their barbecue gatherings, particularly during the hot months of the off-season. Given their penchant for realizing the dreams of the less fortunate, a new pool for some neighborhood or school nearby may not be far off.

Those who have experienced these meetings before will also be able to tell others who still need to get their hands dirty where raising funds is concerned, will be able to tell them that, much like the pool exercises and match days, charity drives can be pretty intense affairs. Also, willing contributors towards sociable fund-raising campaigns should always take heed and advantage of informational guides and reviews such as those listed under

So, in a nutshell, the pool is or should be a central focus for any sociable creature or serious athlete. It can also be a great meeting place for achieving great things on behalf of others.

Sporting Weekend

Our local Webhogs club arranged a sporting weekend. It was a sort of a family weekend during which mums and dads and their kids could compete in some games against other families. It was a little competitive but was arranged more as a way for families that were members of the local Webhogs to get together, bond you might say, and build relationships away from the clubhouse where we had the usual BBQ’s and club nights.

The sports we had agreed upon were Touch Football, badminton, a hiking competition, which uses GPS and set trails, baseball and archery. The latter was added because there were about 5 enthusiastic bow and arrow enthusiasts in the club, veritable Robin Hoods they were. It was recommended that families, at least, take a look at to consider buying a not-too-expensive bow. It seemed the archery people were rather reluctant to lend theirs!

We decided on heading to Ouachita National Forest, a breathtaking park in which you could camp, swim, canoe, and hike as there were many set hiking trails there. The mountains fed the Ouachita River, which flowed into a lake with the same name. Some of the members were able to take the Friday off and drive up in the afternoon, while others, with heavier work commitments, drove to the park early Saturday morning. Everyone was pretty excited about the whole weekend.

By mid-Saturday morning, everyone had arrived and the campsite was set up with tents for some, caravans for others and campervans for the rest. People were given responsibilities such as security, game manager for a particular sport, firewood collection, litter patrol because you would hate to leave a human footprint in a place like this, scorer, official umpire and first aider. The latter went to Bob, our paramedic, of course. It was comforting to know that there was a qualified medical guy in the group, that’s for sure.

The first sport decided on was baseball. A short game to get bodies moving and breathing in that beautiful, clean air. There were 10 adults and 20 children and no, it wasn’t 2 kids per couple! The Armstrong and Harper families had 3 kids while the Vincent and Sampson families had just the one child. After the baseball game, everyone relaxed around the BBQ, which turned into the evening’s campfire.

Sunday morning dawned, fresh, cool, cloudless. Inspirational! The Trail Hike had been set the day before using the National Park’s free leaflets. It was awesome trekking through the trees, stepping over small creeks using the rocks and finally reaching your destination. The afternoon was spent shooting arrows into targets the archery guys had brought with them. Most people didn’t realise the technical aspect of archery and some of the bows the members had were nothing short of amazing. They weren’t anything like you see in a movie depicting the days of yore! The weekend ended with some social badminton, a BBQ, packing up the camp and heading home. Yes, it is planned to do something similar again.

Buying the right football shoes

Buying the right football shoesThe importance of football shoes is something that cannot be ignored easily. The constantly changing styles and technological breakthroughs have made them more than just a necessity.  Instead of the old lace up version, you can see football shoes in all shapes, colors, and innovations now. So it is perfectly understandable, if you are overwhelmed by the choices before you, when you want to buy a new pair. Here are some tips to help you

  • Comfort is the first thing to look for in shoes, as without it you can very well forget playing a good game. And with a bad pair, you can end up with sore feet and sprained ankle too.
  • Budget is something that matters for most people. Although you may be tempted to spend more than the amount you had thought of, try to stick to the initial budget as much as possible, even if the salesperson convinces you otherwise.
  • Even if you play a mean game and don’t think much about appearances, a good-looking pair of boots makes as much difference as a comfortable one does. Irrespective of the occasion, you are wearing the shoes for, a good pair of shoes do a lot for your personality. Even in hunting for instance, wearing nice hunting boots can make a great deal of difference in snagging the game.
  • Boots should not be chosen a size bigger than normal for your feet to accommodate into, as this will backfire, making you unable to run or kick, as with boots that are the right fit. Buying a bigger size may look like saving money, but it can spoil your performance badly.
  • Many fall for the brand marketing, going for the expensive branded varieties thinking that only the big brands spell quality. The truth is even brands, which are not big names in the field, can provide the right fitting boots for you. Sometimes even the big brands will not fit you perfectly.
  • To know the best fitting shoes and at the budget you have fixed, it is best to shop around as much as you can. This will provide you with a wide range of options. If you buy, the first pair of boots that you come upon, you may find that you have been ripped off miserably. And even if the salesman is annoyed at showing so many brands, persist until you get the pair that fits perfectly and is in the price range you are looking for. This applies for shoes you buy for other purposes like running, hiking, trekking etc. For hunting boots, sites like EDGEHUNTING have a varied range of top quality shoes to choose from.
  • And don’t fall for the advertisements you see on TV and on the Web. Just because Beckham is wearing a trendy pair of shoes, they will not necessarily be right for you. So instead of falling for marketing ploys, try making the right decision by looking for the valid factors such as size, comfort, and style.
  • If you find a good pair of boots that ticks all the right boxes, don’t hesitate. Buy it even if it is not the brand you had in mind, or is a bit more expensive than you had bargained for.

Foot Care Tips for Every Athlete

Foot Care Tips for Every AthleteMaintaining healthy feet and toenails is one of the concerns of many athletes. Runner’s nail or runner’s toe is one of the few concerns that most athletes face. This condition results from the repetitive pressure on the toenails, causing internal bleeding beneath the nail. The pooling of blood underneath the nail results in discoloration of the toenail and sometimes mild to moderate discomfort. Although this condition is most often related with running, it can affect athletes participating in almost any sport.

Because of hectic schedules, especially during game seasons, many athletes don’t have enough time to even care for their foot. Fortunately, nail technicians are here to the rescue. Nail technician schools (like this one) don’t just teach nail technicians how to beautify fingers and toes. They also teach aspiring technicians about proper foot care, which is very important to athletes. It’s important for every athlete to take proper precautions on post-exercise care to prevent discoloration, irritation, discomforts and infections. Here are some foot care tips for athletes and runners:

  1. Wear appropriate shoes.

Wearing the right shoes will not only ensure foot comfort and athletic performance, but also help maintain healthy toenails. Shoes that are too tight or too spacious can put unnecessary pressure on the toenails. The foot can be squeeze into a small shoe or keep sliding around a big one. One of the main causes of runner’s toe is wearing ill-fitting shoes. You certainly don’t want to suffer the consequences of having a runner’s toe. It looks unsightly and it can even cause moderate discomfort which, in turn, can hinder your performance. Therefore, athletes, runners and other active individuals must always make sure to wear shoes that fit properly. Taking some rests every now and then to relieve pressure on your foot would also be very helpful.

  1. Cut your nails short.

A lot pressure is being exerted on the feet when athletes run or make quick pivots. These sudden actions can irritate the toes. In some cases, these actions result in ingrown nails which can be very painful. However, these unnecessary discomforts (and possibly distractions in your game performance) can be prevented by simply cutting your nails at an appropriate length. There is actually no recommended length of toenails, just short enough that it doesn’t cause pain. All athletes must incorporate trimming their toenails into their grooming routines. If you don’t have enough time, you can always visit a nail technician, someone who graduated from a nail tech school, to have your toenails groomed.

  1. Maintain foot health

Athletes can benefit from having daily foot care routines that help relax and soothe overworked feet. Compared to non-athletes, active folks are more susceptible to foot infection, irritation and damage so daily foot care is very much welcome. Some simple foot care tips you can do include keeping your feet dry and applying antibiotic cream at early signs of irritation. Regular foot massages are also very helpful. There are also foot care products that are aimed to help relax tired feet.

How Often Do Football Players Train and Practice?

Football is a sport that requires explosiveness, agility, strength, speed and endurance, among others. And to achieve these qualities, players spend a tremendous amount of time in workout, practice and training. Football players have some of the most intense workout regimes that target all their muscle groups. Oftentimes, workout does not end at the gym. This is why most professional football players have gym equipment such as dumbbells, bars, weights and gymnastic grips (check gymnastic grips review on this site) right in their sleeping quarters.

When we go out to watch a football match, we don’t realize how much hard work and effort each player gives before the game. When a team wins a game, the time spent working-out, training and practicing is often the primary reason for a good performance. Many are wondering how much time football teams spend for practice. Actually, different coaches will have different training schedules which are usually based on the time of the year. Here are the usual team practices.

Training Camp

The training camp is very important. Usually, double sessions occur regularly which is comprised of 90-minute practice sessions (one in the morning and another early in the afternoon). Compared in the past, many modern coaches do not recommend mid-day practices during the summer season. Some teams, especially those who have new team members or are planning to revamp their game plan, spend more time during training camp.

Pre-Season Practice

Before the season commences, football teams usually spend two hours on the field. Most coaches, whether at the high school, college or professional level, follow this schedule. Aside from two hours practice on the field, professional football teams spend another couple of hours watching their videotaped practice. This way each player can see how they perform and what flaws must be corrected.

Mid- or Late-Season Practice

These are short practice sessions (usually an hour) which are aimed to polish the team’s execution of their game plans. In some cases, the coaches may feel some tweaking in their strategies. Although the team needs these practice sessions, coaches are usually concerned about losing players through injury, so some coaches minimize heavy contact drills as much as possible. However, throughout the season, players are recommended to continue with their prescribed workout routines. Professional football teams invest on having workout equipment (like those found at readily available for players to use.

Pre-Game Practice

The ‘walk-through’ is a practice session that is done a day before the game. During this practice session, the players get acquainted with the stadium. They don’t usually wear the football gears, just shorts and T-shirts, and there’s no contact. The purpose is to just review the plays that want to execute. Usually, this brief practices last no longer than an hour. It’s really just a final briefing from the coaches before the whistle is blown.

You see, football players go through a lot of practices even before the game. These are enough reasons for them to rejoice at every victory.


Football Movies That Made It Big In The Box Office

Football Movies That Made It Big In The Box OfficeRarely do we see good films about football, but occasionally some gets the nod of moviegoers. Here are some of the most lucrative movies in the football genre that you might have watched as well.

  1. The Blind Side

Topping this list of box-office movies is a Sandra Bullock-starrer, the Blind Side where she also bagged the Oscars for Best Actress. Released in 2009, this Warner Bros. movie raked in around $255.9 million. It tells the story about the incredible journey of Michael Oher from an impoverished upbringing to the NFL. Interestingly, this award-worthy movie is a budget-film (with just $29 million in production costs). Good story, cinematography and scoring served the movie well. I guess, the musical scorer must have used one of the keyboards reviewed in this site.

  1. The Waterboy

The WaterboyThe Waterboy is a comedy movie about a socially inept waterboy, Bobby Boucher played by Adam Sandler, who helped their fledgling university football team to the Bourbon Bowl. It made around $185 million making it one of Sandler’s most lucrative films and the all-time number sports comedy flick (a title it has held since 1998). It’s quite a surprising feat especially that the film has had a pretty terrible reception with critics.

  1. The Longest Yard

Yet another football-themed movie headlined by Adam Sandler alongside James Cromwell and Chris Rock, The Longest Yard (released in 2005) was a remake of the 1974 film. It tells the story of a former NFL quarterback in prison who is forced to a football team composed of inmates to play against a team of prison guards. Despite negative reception from critics, the budget film still managed to earn over $190 million which makes it the second top grossing sports comedy film.

  1. Remember the Titans

Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and starred by Denzel Washington, Disney’s Remember the Titans is probably the most solidly crafted, entertaining and genuinely moving football-themed film in this list. The movie is about an African-American coach who was introducing a racially diverse high school football team during the 70’s, a time when racial discrimination was a hot button topic. The heartwarming movie raked in a total of $136 million in the box office.

  1. Any Given Sunday

Any Given Sunday is a 1999 movie that tells about the story of a fictional football team and its turmoil in and out of the field. It has an impressive lineup of Hollywood A-listers that include Al Pacino, Dennis Quaid, Cameron Diaz, and Jamie Foxx. Receiving mixed reviews from critics, the Warner Bros. football drama fared well in the box office making $75.5 million in the US and $24 million in international box office. In recent years, the inspiring flick garnered a cult following, with some hailing it as one of the best football movie of all time.

Other football-themed films that scored well in the box office include the critically-acclaimed Friday Night Lights with $61.3 million, Invincible with $58 million and Varsity Blues with $52.9 million.

Many producers try to exploit the wide popularity of football as a sport but this is not always guaranteed. Historically, sports-themed films (including those about football) only gets around 5 percent share of the box office. The box office returns for these films make them impressive.

Men’s and Women’s Football: A comparison

Many foot ballers think that women’s football is entirely different from men’s football. But experts don’t agree on this classification. There are definitely more similarities when compared to differences in the two game forms. And as the game shifts to the elite level, the differences taper to insignificant levels especially in the players’ attitude. As the players reach the elite level, the attitude becomes more professional.

And another aspect that women differ from men is they just don’t follow orders, instead want to know the reason behind everything they are asked to perform. This is necessarily not a bad thing, but when taken to an extreme level, it can be a setback to the gameplay. While this may also occur in case of men, this is the general opinion. The crux of the matter is as a coach, you need to know the players well to make them perform to their best level.

While the physical differences are glaringly obvious, other areas that show an equal difference include the strength, especially in tackling, and speed. While women have certain preferences regarding the attire they wear, the shoes need to be perfect for a proper play. Shoes are important for any sport as well as profession. For instance, nurses need to wear special shoes such as those at feel comfortable and energetic, as they have to stand for a long time whether they are on the day or night shifts.

But when it comes to speed, not much difference is actually seen in certain teams, while others lag behind. The German women’s team for instance is known for the speed its players show. And in tactical understanding both players are even outside the field, but during a game men have a definite edge over women. In the technical aspect, many women players have exceptional skills but since more men are good at technical skills in men’s football, when compared to women’s football many wrongly assume that men are more talented at the game.

The main difference one can discern watching the female and male players is you find less of tackling on-field in the women’s football, when compared to the men’s football. In general, men’s matches are high on intensity and technicality, while in the women’s games it is tactical and technical skills, which outshine the rest.

Women are more gifted in many ways, which can be seen in the way they shine in most professions. They take more care about not only their clothes and accessories, but also how professional they are. When it comes to choosing professional work shoes, women always prefer the best, such as the shoes at Nicer Shoes. This makes them feel comfortable and more focused on their work. Women are better receptive, learn better, and fast,  while men take more time for realizing they don’t know everything and start listening.

More than the gender differences, culture plays a vital role in how the female and male players behave. For instance, Italian women are more outspoken than Canadians are. Canadians for instance, focus on proper nutrition and training in a quality way, instead of relying on the quantity.  And men have the advantage of starting on the game at a very early age of about four or five. This early start helps them learn the tactics and technics more effectively and they are hence more prepared for elite level games than women are.